Stephan Schlemper

Classical Guitar Amplifiers

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Classic-High-End amplifiers have proven their class on stage with the best orchestras: the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Gewandhaus Leipzig, Amsterdam Concertgebouw.




The philosophy behind the Classic-High-End Systems is to combine genuine high-end technology with the traditional sound of the guitar.


The Classic-High-End is a small and light amplifier with an absolutely natural sound. It can raise the volume of a good classical guitar to about that of a piano. At the same time, the audience will reliably have an “unplugged” musical experience.


This is high-end classical guitar sound for professional musicians. The Classic-High-End offers ideal amplification to perform chamber music, orchestra music and acoustic jazz.




With the Classic-High-End M and its clip-on mic, no changes need to be made on the guitar; it does best in small instrumentations such as duo and string quartet.



The Classic-High-End with the installed pick-up system Nature 3 is described by my customers as making their play more comfortable. It is better suited to larger ensembles. If you need to go through a sound system, this solution is your best best.


This amplifier can also be used with a clip-on mic which makes it more adaptable.


Either version of the Classic-High-End can be extended with a slave speaker.



Technical Details


  •     Dimensions: (h-w-d) 25.5 x 18 x 20 cm
  •     Weight: 5.5 kg
  •     Bi amping system 40 + 80 W
  •     Sound level max: 104 dB / r= 1m
  •     Notch filter 300 Hz, tweeter with separate controls
  •     1 Guitar input with integrated pre-amp Nature-3
  •     1 Line in
  •     1 Line out
  •     1 Sym. out