Stephan Schlemper

Classical Guitar Amplifiers

“Amplifier with Bed & Breakfast.”


What does this

mean exactly? 



















Stay at our guest room for free, while waiting for your System to be installed.


There are many amplifiers – what is special about a Schlemper System?

Schlemper Systems are different: they are inspired by my know-how in both guitar making and audio technology. Guitar makers focus on wood and engineers on electronics. These areas have entered a happy marriage with my Systems.


What can a Schlemper System do?

The Classic-High-End Systems are amplifiers of the highest quality. The were developed to position the sound of a classical guitar among other instruments while creating the perfect impression of a purely acoustic performance.

In this way, your guitar will hold its own next to a cello, a piano, a bandoneon, etc.


What are the limits of the Schlemper System?

A Classic-High-End System is more trouble free than an external microphone but, nevertheless, is a sensitive system that is not suited for extreme volumes. It’s place is not on the rock stage. There are also some limitations when it comes to crammed spaces.

How much does a Schlemper System cost?

Quality comes at a price.

If you seek to amplify the sound of a classical guitar that is worth several thousand dollars, you will have to spend about the same amount on an amplifier. Prices on demand.

How large or small should the hall be to perform with a Schlemper-System?

There is no hard and fast answer. In good concert halls, some of my customers have played for audiences as large as two or three thousand. Where other instruments – violin, cella, piano – work well without amplification, a guitar with Schlemper-System will also do well.

Depending on the hall, it might become necessary to link the System to the PA of hall. The System with pick-up installed in the guitar is better suited for this purpose.

Where can I buy a Schlemper System?

My systems are installed only in my shop in Worpswede and there is a reason why you can't by them on the marked. Only an individually fitted system works well and sounds good. Guitarists from many different countries know this and come to my shop to have a system installed.

Is there a way to save me the trip to Worpswede?

The Classic-High-End M can be shipped if you prefer, but this does usually not save any time.

Anyone who has bought technical equipment off the shelf before will know that it takes some time to familiarize oneself with it. This goes much faster if someone shows you how to use the device and can answer questions.

My service also includes a workshop on acoustics that will give you useful background knowledge and make you an expert – not just a user.


There are no extra costs associated with this. It is important to me that you play a perfect first concert with your new amplifier. I don't want to just sell something quickly. All in all we even save time if you come to my shop, we get better results, and you get more for your money.


What will you do with my guitar?

It depends on the kind of System, but in any case as little as possible. You can avoid alteration of the instrument altogether in some cases, but for most purposes it will be necessary to work with a pick-up system that is integrated into the instrument. This is done in my workshop taking the greatest care. The bridge inlay is replaced and a small passage is placed under it. I usually place the connection for the mini plug at the heel of the neck. Other than that, there will be no alterations, no batteries, buttons, or the likes.


How much time does the installation take?

The System with clip-on mic is installed quickly. For the integrated System you should plan on a full day and stay the night.