Stephan Schlemper

Classical Guitar Amplifiers

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Classic 63

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Ebanista Spruce Basic

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Ebanista Cedar Double Top


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Classic Cedar

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Are you looking to amplify your guitar in the best way possible?


Let me help you. We’ll take a day to fine-tune a Classic-High-End amplifier to match your guitar, and make you an expert in handling your amplifier.


More than 20 years of experience are paying off.


My Systems are easy to handle, small and light.


Before you leave the studio, we will make absolutely sure that your next concert with the amp will be a success – even if you are performing the next day. A guest room in my home makes it easy to work together.


The natural sound of the guitar is the basis for amplification. Installing a pick-up into an expensive classical guitar is a matter of trust. I appreciate if a guitarist entrusts me with his dearest guitar and my motto in all this is to alter the guitar as little as possible and as much as necessary.


I’m happy to pass on my knowledge about guitar performances. It is important to me that you understand how the System works, that you feel comfortable when performing and are satisfied.


Your music will take centre stage – not the equipment.