Stephan Schlemper

Who plays Amps & Guitars ?

Prof. Dale Kavanagh, Ricardo Gallén,
Amadeus Duo, Shin-Ichi Fukuda,
Edin Karamazov, Fernando Gonzalez,

Michael Langer

Prof. Franz Halasz,
Prof. Michael Tröster, Alexander Ramirez,
Raphaella Smits, Marcin Dylla,
Burkhard Wolters,
Pablo Garibay, Frank Gerstmeier,
Heiko Ossig, 
Diego Barber, Eugéne Hölzer 







Duo Montes-Kircher, Costas Cotsiolis, Craig Ogden, Paul Galbraith, Krzysztof Pelech, Jean Marie Raymond, John Zaradin, Feliu Gasull, Northern Royal College of  Music, Musikhochschule Stuttgart, Musikhochschule Wuppertal, Musikhochschule Kassel, Musikhochschule München, Musikhochschule Nürnberg-Augsburg, Mozarteum Salzburg - these are among the customers of Stephan Schlemper.


Who plays Schlemper Guitars and Amplifiers?

Many professional musicians choose my guitars but they are equally enjoyed by amateur players who appreciate a beautiful instrument. If you are looking for a natural sound quality paired with the beauty of the craft, you have come to the right place.


Michael Langer Guitar & Passion: Your new guitars are great, we like very much to play them.


Shin-Ichi-Fukuda: “I played Concerto da Requiem by Leo Brouwer Asian premiere. 1800 People audiance. Your guitar & system was perfect ! We got a lot of "Bravo". Thank you again !”


Krzysztof Pelech : “Dear Stefan, I use your System 5, 6 times per month playing with clarinet, bajan and different orchestras. It works very well and conductors like it very much !!!. Recently I have played in Berlin Philharmonic Vivaldi concertos and it was a great success.”

 Amadeus Duo, Thomas Kirchhoff: “The System works up to a hall size of 2,000 persons and with an orchestra of up to 80-90 players. I don’t know any System that would be better and easier to handle.”