Stephan Schlemper

The Olympic Guitar

The Summer Games in Barcelona were concluded with the Concierto de Aranjuez, which was broadcast to a worldwide audience by about 8,000 different radio and TV stations.
The guitar played at the occasion was not a Spanish guitar but came from my workshop. The guitarist Feliu Gasull still swears by my guitars and amplification systems today – using the best technology, they make large events such as the concert at the Summer Games possible. The memorable guitar is still owned by Feliu today.

Ricardo Gallén in Bremen

Ricardo is probably one of the most gifted and versatile guitarists that Spain has produced. In October, Ricardo Gallén began his professorship in Weimar. His Repertory ranges from Baroque music to jazz.
Ricardo travelled to Bremen to have a Classic-High-End System installed in his guitar. The photo shows him before taking his plane back to Spain.

Talk of the Town

Pablo Garibay, born and raised in Mexico City, has been living and studying in Germany for several years. The young, talented guitarist can look back on a wealth of experience in playing with orchestras. He is seen here playing with the Niedersächsisches Jugendsinfonieorchester (Concierto de Aranjuez, 2nd movement).

To achieve a balance of his guitar with the orchestra, he is using a Schlemper Classic-High-End System.

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Die neuen Magnum Modelle

Classic-Magnum-Special und Ebanista-Magnum bieten ein besonders angenehmes Klangspectrum. Der etwas grössere Korpus verleiht den Gitarren angenehm warme Bässe und strahlende Höhen ohne Nagelgeräusch.

Guitarist Shin-Ichi Fukuda,

is one of the most important representatives of the Japanese classical guitar. The latest concerto by Leo Brouwer “Concierto da requiem” is a homage to the recently deceased Japanese composer Takemitsu.

Shin-Ichi played the composition in Córdoba under the direction of Leo Brouwer using his new Classic Transparence guitar. The guitar was amplified with a Schlemper Classic-High-End System, which in turn was connected to the Gran Teatro’s sound system, because Brouwer’s concerto demands a considerable volume from the guitar.

Guitarist Perry Shack

plays a lot of chamber music and writes about his Classic-High-End System:
“Hello Stephan,
The amp is magnificent. Wherever I play I get only the best comments. Everybody is amazed an amplifier can sound like this. It’s a completely new feeling when playing with the other musicians.”

A Visit from Paris

Guitar player and composer Jean Marie Raymond with his new Ebanista Magnum. Jean Marie founded the French guitar magazine “Guitar Classique.” He is currently on an international tour, performing solo and with the Trio Sortilèges (flute, guitar, cello). His music is published by “Productions d’Oz.” in Quebec.