Stephan Schlemper

The Fretless classical Guitar. For lovers of a special sound that is somehow between double bass and ud.

Octave guitar "La Monería"
A custom design for which all measurements were scaled down. Has a high bell-like sound.


Classic 8-string
Two additional bass strings, tuned, for example, to D and C. This is an instrument for lovers of lute music and guitarists who enjoy experimenting.

Ebanista 7-string
Among other things, the extra bass string saves you tuning down to D. Shown here with a cutaway.

Classic Compact
A special guitar for frequent flyers. The string length is the same, but the total length of the guitar is reduced by about 10 cm. Dry, very assertive tone.

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Custom Models

Special designs are always a welcome challenge. Here are a few examples.