Stephan Schlemper

Ebanista "Easy going", cedar double top, scale 63 cm. This guitar does not show the tipical double bridge for Ebansita guitars. Archieve full sound with less effort.



Ebanista: its characteristic features are the rosetta with three trapezoid shapes and the double bridge.




Ebanista Magnum Double Top: Red cedar / Indian rosewood.
Strong bass, deep response, very balanced.


Ebanista Madagascar with red cedar top.

Ebanista: the elevated fingerboard makes playing in higher positions easy!

Ebanista Special Cutaway: a guitar with a design that stands out, comes with the Classic-High-End System.


The Ebanista model is aesthetic simplicity paired with powerful sound. A fast attack and a strong bass are the characteristics of the Ebanista. The influence of the choice of wood on the tone is felt very directly. Whether you choose a spruce or red cedar top, and combine it with an Indian rosewood cypress or maple back – this instrument promises to be fun!


The back and sides are finished with shellac grounding and nitrocellulose lacquer. The top has a mat shellac finish.

The soundhole features the typical rosetta.



Compared to the Schlemper Classic, the Ebanista model has a different character but is at least as good.

A distinctive feature of most Ebanista models is the double bridge, which improves the attack.

Since this model does not have the costly design of the Classic series, it even sells for a little less.