Stephan Schlemper

Classic Transparence, spruce / madagaskar rosewood, high-end german handmade tuners, traditional fan bracing.



A Classic spruce top with a short scale-length of 63 cm. Professional guitarist Fernando Gonzales, for example, plays this model.



Classic-Transparence, Spruce-Madagascar, finest materials provide superb sound, german top gear K.Scheller, traditional construction.


Transparence released with new rosetta 2015.
spruce / indian rosewood. Oil finish with nice touch to your hand.

Classic-Magnum, Spruce-Satinwood, blond beauty with profound basses



The Schlemper Classic is the high art of classical guitar making. Its soundboard has a specially designed bracing system that lends the tone strength, warmth and brilliancy. A distinguishing mark of the guitar is a tuning process after finish. This allows me to make a fine adjustment to the assembled and strung guitar.


This is handcrafted work of the finest quality – I build only a small number of these instruments each year.


The rosetta is handmade in a limited edition of 10 to 20 pieces and consists of more than 10,000 particles of wood. The circling delta shapes in different variations have become my trademark.




Guitars form the Classic series are finished with ruby French polish. This is a precious finish that gives the sound a silky warmth. Ruby French polish is more durable than most of the regular kinds of Lemon polish. The neck is additionally finished with varnish because French polish wears off too quickly on that part of the instrument.