Stephan Schlemper

The so-called propeller fingerboards of my guitars – made of ebony of course – are curved to follow the natural vibration of the strings. This makes for smoother playing compared to a straight fingerboard.

MP3 Demosong 

String spacing: the distance from one string to the next at the bridge. A different spacing is required for each hand.

If you want to find the best wood, you have to search for it.
My wood collection dates back 30 years. It holds treasures that are just waiting to be turned into unique guitars.



A Schlemper guitar can be enjoyed for a lifetime. It ages like good wine and improves constantly. Only few guitars are completed in my workshop every year.


No pre-fabricated materials are used in my workshop. Everything is traditionally handcrafted from the finest wood and materials, such as hide glue and French polish. All embellishments are made by hand.


Precious ebony bindings stand for beauty and a long-lasting instrument.


All tuning machines are mounted with my friction-reducing A-fino bushings.


A good neck profile, carefully chosen for the player, is one of the strengths of a Schlemper guitar.



To the audience in a concert hall, the difference between the sound of one good classical guitar and another is actually not very audible. The difference perceived by the guitar player holding different instruments is much greater. Everything has to be just right. If you feel comfortable with a guitar you will play well.







Naturally, all guitars are available with the Schlemper Amplification System.