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Dear Customers,
since january 2021
I retired from guitarmaking !
There are no more instruments available.

Nevertheless Iam convinced that my very sustainable instruments and systems will serve to many players for the next 20 up to 100 years if they will be treated well. Please contact me if you need help for maintainance.
Please find more information about models and 40 years of guitarmaking on this website.
Stephan Schlemper

The "Koblenz-Sound"

Our intensive colaboration with the festival for more than 20 years created the typical "Koblenz-Sound" which supports the consonance of guitar and orchestra in a unique way.
The constant developement with the orchestra Rheinische Philharmonie, the festival and a big number of famous guitarplayers makes Koblenz the leading place for guitar and orchestra that can fascinate a large audience.

Marco Socías

spanisch player with outstanding artistic sensibility is looking foreward to use his Classic-High-End system

The Classic Transparence

Over 30 years of experience in classical guitarmaking and finest woods seasoned for years provide a beautiful tone to this traditional instrument.

Sachiko Miyashita

Visit from Japan. Sachiko professional player from Tokio trying new Transparence model in my studio in Worpswede, Germany.

Problems with your left hand ?

This new short scale guitar may help !

Buck Wolters and
the Neoclassic-guitar

Classic and Jazz player Buck Wolters is going to new sound horizons with his new Neoclassic guitar.


Why a new system ?
This speaker is unique in spreading sound.
An orquestra, a choir, or any duopartner will perceive your sound the same way as the audience will do, because the sound is emitted equally into all directions.
Extra monitors for the orchestra will no longer be needed.
Experience a completely new and pleasant feeling on stage.

Frauchi Quartet

Russian Frauchi-Quartet showed amazingly how to interpret worldhits of classic on 4 guitars. Sufficiant sound provided by their
4 Classic-High-End systems.

Nuertingen Guitarfestival 2012

On the festival Classic-High-End systems performed well. Concierto antillano with guitarrist Raphael Aguirre impressed the audiance.
A new technology improved the hearing of the guitar for the orchestra. That provides more fun for the musicians which leads in the end to a better musical result.

Ebanista easy going

Jean Marie Raymond, french composer is happy with his easy going guitar. Listen to the full tone here:

Daniel Bolshoy

Canadian guitarrist Daniel Bolshoy at his visit in the studio. On his current tour he is going to perform with the Israel chamber orchestra.

New member of Alegrias Guitartrio

Takeo Sato just got his new Classic-High-End sound system. Three powerful guitars in concert.

Visit from Miguel Iven

Well known flamenco expert Miguel Iven tries guitars and systems in the studio.